5 factors to consider when choosing an automatic gate for your home

Amber Dixon | June 24, 2019 | 0 | Home & Gardens

Deciding on the best automatic gate for your home or property goes beyond deciding between a simple sliding gate or a compact bi-folding gate. Aside from the wide range of gates to choose from, you must also decide on what type of gate automation kit best suits your needs, style, and budget.

sliding gate

There are several things you must consider before calling in the contractors to install any gate or electric gate kit. To really know the best gate for you and your home, it is best to think through these factors first:

  • Availability of space

Although installing sliding gate kits for homes may feel like the best fit for your style and budget, you must consider if it will fit in your driveway first. The type of gate automation you choose will depend on what type of gate you have; and the amount of space available in your driveway or property will dictate what type of gates you can get installed in your home.

Smaller spaces may call for a bi-folding gate or a vertical pivot gate, while wider spaces may allow for cantilever gates or swinging gates, and each come with their own type of kits to if you want to automate them.

  • Opening and closing speed

You must also consider the opening and closing speed of the gate you want. If the gate is only going to be used in low-traffic properties, such as a house or other types of residential spaces, then a sliding gate with a slower opening speed may be more acceptable.

But, if you plan to install the gate in a busy property or any other high-volume spaces, then you should consider a faster opening barrier arm gate to prevent bottlenecks and unnecessary traffic.

  • Gate design

The design of gate you choose is also a massive factor in choosing the best kit to automate your gate. If you decide on a double slated gate, it might be best to go with double underground gate kits that can be hidden on the ground. However, if you go with a single gate, then a sliding or a single swing gate might suit you better.

  • Gate composition

You must also consider the composition of your gate as this will determine the type of kit you will need for automation. Generally, a taller and wider swinging gate may need a more heavy duty kit, so that it can function well. Meanwhile, a smaller, narrower sliding gate may require a lighter kit.

  • Weather conditions

You must also consider the weather conditions in your location before settling on any gate style or electric gate opener kit. This especially applies to areas that experience extended periods of extreme cold or hot climates as they might need entirely different and more durable gate systems.

Choosing the best automatic gate can get complicated and overwhelming. So, before making any final decision, make sure that you are well informed and have gone through your options thoroughly.

However, if you feel like talking to a professional will help you in the decision process more, do not hesitate to call automatic gate manufacturers and service providers, such as Kits4Gates.

Knowing these things first can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

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