Vespa is THE Scooter

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When you see the word Vespa, you do think of motor scooters. The Vespa is the Motor Scooter.

Developed by Plaggio in Italy through 1946 and 1947, the Vespa soon caught on as a cheap and simple form of getting around. Vespa dealers UK has today do have new versions of this iconic form of transportation.

The Style Icon of the 1950’s

During the “New Look” 1950’s, the Vespa became one of the symbols of that period. The classic movie by William Wyler, Roman Holiday, starring Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn in 1952, exposed the Vespa to the general public. This motor scooter was associated with Italian romance and style; it was chic and elegant. Very much part of the “la Dolce Vita”.

Vespa dealers UK

Maybe the Lambretta, more than the Vespa, was the “Mod” scooter of the 1960’s in England. But both were certainly part of that scene. Not glamorous like the 1950s, but certainly memorable. Not Audrey Hepburn but the “Who”, that crazy rock band caught the feeling of the period. Quadraphenia was the movie that encapsulated the mood of those times.

Design Innovation.

Motor bikes seemed to be very much a “male” bike. Young ladies used them of course but the Vespa Scooter could be used by a much larger market.

The reasons for this were in the design. The Vespa remains the “bench mark” design for all subsequent scooter designs. Gears could now be changed from the handle bars which meant driving was made a lot easier. The engine was moved to the back over the rear wheel, so there was no need for a belt drive. The wheels were made smaller. This gave the scooter greater maneuverability. A “monocoque” design was used. By using this all encompassing structure, a scooter driver was a lot less exposed than that of a conventional motor bike.

The Modern Vespa

Vespa dealers UK has today offer a range of the latest models. There are four basic types of Vespa on sale according to engine size: 50cc, 125cc, 150cc and 300cc. Taking an example from each of the different ranges:

  • 50cc: There are two models in this range. The 2015, Primavera 50 2T. This has a 50 cc two stroke engine. It is easy to use, quick and maneuverable.

  • 125cc: There are ten models in this range. Looking specially at the 2015 Sprint S 125 ABS. The Sprint has a four stroke three valve single cylinder catalytic engine. As its name implies, this is a fast “sporty” scooter.

  • 150cc: There is one model available. 2015 PX 150. This model harks back to the classic Vespas of the past. This has a two stroke 150cc engine with a four speed gear box.

  • 300cc:: There are three models in this range. Focusing on the 2015 GTS Touring 300 ABS- ASR. This scooter includes a front wind screen along with under seat storage and storage front and rear. This scooter has a pretty sophisticated 4 stroke, 4 cylinder, electronic ignition catalytic engine. All in all this makes this scooter very much a “GT”, a grand tourer.


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